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“IN A MUSIC BUSINESS NOT EXACTLY LACKING IN PIANISTS, BEN KIM belongs to that small group whose playing extends beyond brilliant keyboard magic and pleasing, beautiful sound. More so, Kim is a narrator who knows how to captivate his audience from first to last note.” BERLINER MORGENPOST

"a downright europhoric interpretation, full of vitality" SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG

"without nervousness or over-excitement, without boasting technique or exaggeration, Kim plays Chopin's music as if he were breathing it. A superb pianist" RECORD GEIJUTSU

"unaware of his own merits, Kim places himself in the middle of the if it were being created at that very moment" BERLINER ZEITUNG

"a strong and innovative interpretation of the first rank" RUHR NACHRICHTEN

"sparks were flying from the keyboard. Substantially gifted" BALTIMORE SUN